Tools, Platforms, and Guides

Here’s a list of various resources on networking, not mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Code Repositories

ITP Classes

Networks Learning Guides


Electromagnetic Spectrum Maps

Wireless Protocols

Software-Defined Radio

  • a site for hobbyists of software-defined radio. Their blog posts are a handy introduction to listening to radio signals vis software-defined radio. They also have a good buyer’s guide to SDR dongles. The About RTL-SDR page is a good place to learn what you can do with software-defined radio.
  • CubicSDR – a GUI tool for listening to SDRs
  • GQRX SDR – a GUI tool for listening to SDRs, a favorite of the RTL-SDR community.
  • National Weather Service FM bands
  • Airspy – a windows-only SDR GUI platform
  • FlightAware – tracking airplane broadcasts on 1090 MHz is a popular hobby among SDR enthusiasts, and FlightAware is the most popular site for resources on this. Their ProStick dongles are pretty good RTL-SDR radio dongles for general use as well. They work in about the 24 to 1766 MHz frequency range.
  • Cocoa1090 is a MAcOS app for scanning for flights using an RTL-SDR dongle. It requires the CocoaRTLServer app to connect to the dongle.

Networking Software

Command line tools

Web-based Tools

  • Postwoman -aka Hoppscotch.  a web-based tool for formatting and sending HTTP/HTTPS requests. Think of it as a GUI for cURL.
  • Traceroute mapper – a handy tool that does IP geolocation on your traceroutes. Thanks to Noah Pivnick for the link.
  • BGPView – a tool to view any Autononmous System Number (ASN) and the networks to which it connects. Thanks to Alden Jones for the link.  Related, a list of past BGP hijacking incidents.

Desktop Tools

Development Platforms


Node.js is a JavaScript engine for command-line development. It’s optimized for creating server applications in JavaScript. Node comes with a package manager, npm. There are many extensions to node.js. It’s useful for all kinds of desktop applications, from HTTP to Bluetooth LE to DMX-512, and more.

  • Express.js is a popular library for creating HTTP/HTTPs servers.
  • Node-serialport is a library for connecting to asynchronous serial ports
  • NodeExamples – a repository of things you can do with node.js

Learning Guides

  • The Node Beginner Book – a useful e-book with many examples. Concentrates a bit too much on making your own server for my tastes; much of what it introduces is better done using express.js. But if you want to understand the concepts behind the express.js library, it’s a good intro.
  • Hands-on Node.js – Introduces all the core concepts of node, with plenty of examples.
  • Learning Node – A fairly in-depth intro to node, for those familiar with JavaScript
  • JavaScript The Good Parts – an intro to JavaScript as a programming language, explaining the most
  • JavaScript Patterns – Introduction to common programming patterns in JavaScript. Since there are lots of ways to do things in JavaScript, this book is a handy reference for patterns you may not be familiar with.
  • The best explanation of closures that I’ve found so far

Mobile Phone Development


PhoneGap is a cross-platform development tool for building mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. When PhoneGap as a company was sold to Adobe, they donated the open source code base to Apache, which maintains it as Cordova. Adobe’s current commercial version of PhoneGap and Apache’s open source version, Cordova, are largely the same.

Hosting Services

  • Dreamhost
  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy
  • Digital Ocean
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Heroku

Server-Related Links

MySQL Databases

Digital Ocean has many good tutorials, including:

Bluetooth LE Resources

Philips Hue Links

Other home automation, etc. APIs