A Place to Remember

Anne Goodfriend

A Place to Remember is an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that takes place in Washington Square Park. AR Markers in the park invite passersby to use their phone’s camera-view to interact with hand-drawn maps, and recordings left behind by strangers. Users are then invited to contribute their own memories.



A Place to Remember is an investigation of how Augmented Reality can be leveraged to layer communal narratives into and onto place. This project seeks to facilitate the creation of a collective narrative while augmenting a place such that users can explore memories of it while standing in the location that is their subject.
This project celebrates the role that public space plays in the creation of urban communities and in the formations of our personal memories and identities as urbanites. It aims to facilitate feelings of belonging, ownership and shared experience by inviting park visitors to engage with a place while listening to other people’s memories from there.
A Place to Remember focuses on Washington Square Park because this is a public space that is important to me and my understanding of myself as a New Yorker. When I first moved to New York, over 12 years ago, I lived in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. Because I lived in a tiny, shared room, home extended to wherever I could find some personal space and social interaction. More often than not, the place I went to was Washington Square Park. It was a place to nap, a place to eat, and a place to gather with friends.
It remains A Place to Remember.