Geode #1 (Fun House)

Jared D Friedman

Geode #1 is a space for solitary contemplation and reflection on the body and the self, in the form of a seven-foot-wide inside-out disco ball that you can climb into.


It takes the form of a geodesic sphere, seven feet in diameter, mounted on a short wooden platform, with a small door near the bottom. The viewer enters through the door, and sits down on a cushion on the floor, and the door shuts. And everything is completely dark.

After a short time, there is a flash of light, and all surfaces inside are revealed as mirrors – there is no fixed point, except for one’s own body, and in that moment, the viewer becomes the only real and defined thing he or she can visually perceive.

And then it’s dark again, and the lighting begins to respond to the viewer’s body, dimming and brightening with movement and stillness to transform space, hide and reveal the body, and encourage both exploration and contemplation.