Museum of Mistrust

Lindsey Johnson

Museum of Mistrust is an interactive museum about the history and effects of con artists. It allows users to experience confidence tricks first hand to allow the user to understand how it could happen to them in the real world.


The Museum of Mistrust is an interactive museum that teaches visitors about con artists. The visitors will learn about the history of cons, what is considered a con compared to other crimes and the professional con artists that made them happen. The museum is also a place where people can experience different confidence tricks first hand. Some will be direct cons where the visitor is aware that there are a part of while others will be cons that are less apparent and the users will just have to see if they have the skills to figure it out. How they are affected by each con will be tracked using RFID cards that are given to them at the beginning. This museum is meant to give a full experience of con artists to give the visitor more awareness of what can happen and know that everyone can be a mark.

This project would show the concepts using video and physical items.