hysterical wearable

Renata Gaui

A wearable device that detects verbal microaggressions towards females during daily conversations and reacts to it.



On a daily basis, females are suppressed by negative vernacular habits:“you’re being emotional”, “are you on pms?”, “grow a pair”, “you’re so smart for a girl”, “don’t be a pussy” etc. that become part of our daily interaction with people (males & females). These are cultural vices that often goe by without being questioned. Is there a way that we can flip this pejorative speech and turn it into something that empower females? Can emerging technologies work as tools to create conversations about cultural mannerisms? My thesis project is a wearable device that protests against misogynist linguistics habits. A ruffled shirt neck has embedded in it hardware which is running a speech recognition software. The software is trained to detect verbal microaggressions towards females during her a conversation. Once it recognizes that a micro aggressive expression was used, it reacts to it by making a denture toy, hidden is placed behind the ruffles, start to bite – “mimicking” the aggressor and revealing itself by making the ruffles to fly through the denture movement.