Light scapes

Shir David

Light scapes is a series of 3d sculptures inspired by lowlight photography.


Light was used in the past to bridge over long distance communications, through chains of bonfires that were lit on top of mountains. A light house signals a safe shoreline to passing ships. Now, we use optical fibers to carry light and illuminate our cities. A glowing screen is last thing that we see as we drift to sleep, and the first thing we wake up to in the morning. Our light is our communicator; turned on means awake, alive, turned off is asleep, closed, out of power.

In Light Scapes, I used volumetric photography to create a series of three 3D sculptures that explore the relationship we have with light. A neon sign that washes the street in pink light, a television that unites people around its glow, a man opening a fridge in the middle of the night.