The Periodical

Olivia Cueva

The Periodical is a period subscription service that aims to change the way we experience our period holistically, making it celebratory, inclusive of all bodies who menstruate, while promoting safer products for our bodies and the planet. <br />


Menstruation is happening all around us. Yet society treats menstrual periods as a burden, something to feel ashamed of, and something we must pay for. It has been calculated that people can spend upwards of $40 per month on their periods alone, which includes tampons/pads, new underwear, chocolate, tea, heating pads, and a variety of other products we use during that time of the month. But what if people could get everything they needed, including treats and self care products, delivered to their door every month for an affordable price? The Periodical aims to do just that. It is a customizable period subscription service that delivers the products you use, as well as samples of safer alternatives to cater to your individual period needs.