What does Apple mean to a bat?

An ontological fantasy that surveys humans from non-human perspectives.An examination of the inter-relation between human’s phenomenal worlding and vision-based perceptual experience, which has been modernized through spectacle and media.

Wenjing Liu



A look at looking (through not looking) is an artistic research project that consists of three experiments that defamiliarize users’ predominant way of perceiving familiar contexts with other animals’ perceptual mechanisms.

Episode I. How does a dog understand a map?

A physical map of the ITP floor made from smells. Users sniff around the map to feel the spatial relation.

Episode II. How does a digital interface feel to a mole?

An AR application in which users are invited to experience the haptic texture of a digitally rendered blanket from artist’ childhood.

Episode III. What does /Apple Logo.jpg/ mean to a bat?

A VR experience in which users are embodied as a bat wandering in Time Square, trying to understand humans through echolocating.

IMA/ITP New York
Thesis Part 2: Production