Fragrant Discourse

An interactive installation that visualizes public perception of topics within Twitter.

Kennedy Cambra-Cho


Fragrant Discourse is an interactive installation that proposes an alternate method of experiencing data analyses; it presents a possible future where an amplification of senses and perception related to big data analyses and the way that communication networks enable a planetary consciousness. Through tools such as node-red and the Arduino Yun, Fragrant Discourse presents a method in which users can build new interpretive languages of public forum sentiment through visual and olfactory senses.

User speech input is used to search Twitter for tweets regarding the term or phrase topic. Inside node-red, I am able to analyze the Twitter information and display the sentiment and emotion analysis via LEDs and scent diffusers.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Extended Perception

Memory Trading in the Grey Area of Law

a parafictional documentary that discusses unsupervised black-market and drug use.

Zehua Wang


Memory Trading in the Grey Area of Law is a parafictional documentary that discusses the illegal memory-trading black markets in the imaginary city, Zora, which is described in Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. By discussing the issues of manufacturing, selling, purchasing, and taking other's memories as if they truly existed, the project leaves space for the audience to respond to the absurdity of the problems the documentary discusses, and further critically inquire about the real black-market trading and the illegal drug use in real life.

The documentary uses found footage of other non-fictional videos, such as documentaries, news, and interviews, as well as the voiceover written by the artist. By publishing the documentary in a simulated official BBC Documentary YouTube channel, Memory Trading in the Grey Area of Law brings the audience into this parafictional viewing experience.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Make Believe
Art,Social Good/Activism

Choreographic Interventions

Students and alums of the course Choreographic Interventions will be dancing in small boxes. Please join us for performances live, interactive and otherwise.

Aditya Dahiya, Fernando Gregorio , Nuntinee Tansrisakul, Tina Rungsawang, Youngmin Choi, Mimi (Yue) Yin, Yuguang Zhang


Join us in Zoom for live performances:

Cut by Nuntinee Tansrisakul and Yuguang Zhang

The Firebird by Fernando Gregório Catto

cyberdance by Tina Tomthong Rungsawang, Adi Dahiya, Youngmin Choi, Adele Chi

Watch the films:

Since 03.22.2020 | Watch

Sarah Beck, Vasudha Rengarajan, Rae Ruilin Huang, and Christine Zou

Habits now just $19.99 | Watch

Sam Landa, Madison O’Halloran, Gioia von Staden, Sarah Yasmine Marazzi-Sassoon

Composition in Confinement | Watch

Defne Onen

See full program details here.

IMA/ITP New York
Choreographic Interventions

A Documentary of M50 Creative Space

Slow down your pace, simply immerse in Arts.

Jia Yun Sha


This is a documentary about Shanghai M50 Creative Space.

Nowadays, in this highly developed and fast-paced modern metropolis, fewer people would simply take a scroll and enjoy the art with a serene mood. When it comes of the landmark of Shanghai, what comes to mind are usually either the Bund or these high-rises which represent prosperity. Fewer people would give a thought of those art spaces, yet I think art space plays a significant role in the city. People are just too used to be overwhelming with everyday chores, struggling to make profits. Every practice has to be purposeful and efficient enough; whereas art space is a place where people could slow down their pace, just wander around and truly experience life, exploring something with heart. The reason why I choose M50 is that it is one of the most iconic art spaces in Shanghai. And it is home to a wide variety of galleries and exhibitions. I interviewed different kinds of people in M50—artists, visitors and the gate guard. I learned about their impression on M50 and what M50 means to them. I hope people who come to view this documentary could simply take a short while to enjoy arts.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab

Galaxy Wandering

Take the spaceship and rush to the universe!

Yi Er Cao


My project creates an experience of manipulating with the spaceship to wander around the universe and explore diverse galaxies. Users mainly see through a small hole designed for their eyes. Meanwhile, users mainly interact with one joystick to control the direction of the scope, and with the other one, users can target at different galaxies, press the joystick to get the color of the target, and the light in the box will change according. The light is changing as if you are entering the galaxy.

This project doesn't have some profound implication or meaning, just want to create a visually aesthetic enjoyment which is kind of similar to the concept of VR.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Interaction Lab


Retrive your love for yourself in the journey of epiphany through a series of movements.

Mia Fan, Jannie Zhou


Our project aims to navigate users through our storyline using movements. The setting is the main character commited a suicide and are currently in the ocean. The user will be asked to swim to manipulate a dot with halo on the screen representing the spirit of the character on the brink of life and death. When hitting certain spots on the page, a new webpage will open and the users will be asked to learn some poses like shaking hands and laughing through a piece of memory from when she/he is still alive. After going through all the memory, in the ending page you will be asked to face yourself and use the poses you leared to get out of the sea.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Movement Practices and Computing


In this interactive game, the user can control the two stars to move left and right. When the two stars are close to each other, they can fly up together.

Tian Qin


This project, Gemini is an interactive game. The user can control the two stars respectively with pressing right arrow, left arrow, and A, D to move them to left or right. However, the user can’t control the stars to go up or down. When the two stars are close to each other, there would be an upward force to make them fly upwards. On the contrary, when the distance between these two stars becomes larger than a certain value, the upward force will disappear and the stars will start to fall down. The stars may also be attracted by the gravitational force of the planets. When the blue star, which is larger, reaches the planets, that planet will be lit up.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Nature of Code

Star Touched

Calming constellation visuals with music using p5.js.

Hsiao Jui Lin


This project is mainly an animated visual representation of constellations. Its goal is to provide easy information on what the constellation 'Leo' looks like while creating a relaxing, calming atmosphere for users. This project is not yet complete. The completed version would hopefully contain all 12 zodiac constellations, a separate song for each constellation and more animation for the stars. The animation's deeper meaning is to convey the philosophical thought that the entire universe is an unending cycle by making the animation itself a loop. As for the technical aspect, this project encompasses the key concepts of Nature of Code, including objects, force, oscillation and autonomous agents.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Nature of Code

The trinity

An animation clip that tells a story about Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu

Yujia Liu


This clip shows the argument between Brahma and Vishnu on who is the mightier god. One is the Creator, the other is the Preserver. Finally, the strongest god, Shiva came and ended this heated argument.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Introduction to Animation


Personal exhibition website for digital heritage course

Ning Zhou


For the course Digital Heritage, we have explored multiples fields in terms of digital heritage. In the website, I'll showcase all of my work, including digital conservation techniques [case study on coin digital conservation], immersive experiences for digital heritage [the Qi Garden], remote sensing for heritage information [Wuzhen], as well as digital heritage exhibition design: re-production.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Digital Heritage