A Documentary of M50 Creative Space

Slow down your pace, simply immerse in Arts.

Jia Yun Sha



This is a documentary about Shanghai M50 Creative Space.

Nowadays, in this highly developed and fast-paced modern metropolis, fewer people would simply take a scroll and enjoy the art with a serene mood. When it comes of the landmark of Shanghai, what comes to mind are usually either the Bund or these high-rises which represent prosperity. Fewer people would give a thought of those art spaces, yet I think art space plays a significant role in the city. People are just too used to be overwhelming with everyday chores, struggling to make profits. Every practice has to be purposeful and efficient enough; whereas art space is a place where people could slow down their pace, just wander around and truly experience life, exploring something with heart. The reason why I choose M50 is that it is one of the most iconic art spaces in Shanghai. And it is home to a wide variety of galleries and exhibitions. I interviewed different kinds of people in M50—artists, visitors and the gate guard. I learned about their impression on M50 and what M50 means to them. I hope people who come to view this documentary could simply take a short while to enjoy arts.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab