A Pandemic Diary

This is an interactive documentary about what a university student does and thinks on the first day going back to school during the pandemic.

Ruining Wang



My original idea was a bit different from this final version of the story. Earlier before I decided what to make, I was on a bus. An elderly first got on the bus not wearing a mask. Suddenly the driver halted and switched off the car. Other passengers, together with the driver, loudly scolded him of getting abroad like this and jeopardizing everyone else’s health. Two stops later a big, young man got up, wearing his mask on his jaw, eating an omelet as breakfast, and never got his mask back on after he sat down. Nobody said a thing. So, at first, I wanted to make a project that shows how people act in a post-pandemic period, in which part of them thinks we’ve already past the panicking, while the other part is still on guard against others from the epidemic perspective. But over time, I added more personal experience into it and made it more of a diary and less of a real documentary.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab