Chef to Chef

Experiment with the movement in relation to a screen, while engaging with the familiar scene of cooking!

Emily Wright, Echo Chi


We want the experience to have fun experience related to cooking, with added movement (the movements of cooking aren’t very exciting at times). The added movement will be the user having to reach to grab utensils necessary for the recipe. PoseNet will be used so the user can see themselves making the movement.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Movement Practices and Computing

Netflix 2019: What to See Next

The visualization shows the categorized shows on Netflix in 2019

Ziqi Yan


Netflix is a streaming media company that has a huge impact on the world media industry, there are over 167 million subscribers all around the globe which made it the king of streaming. The company is famous for its great contents and it is attracting more and more audiences through its well-established programs.

Netflix is attracting more and more people through its recommendation system which brings up better user experience. As the book Technologies of Vision: The War Between Data and Images by Steve F. Anderson introduces, Netflix aims to take the user viewing history as the database to analyze the aesthetic preferences of its users.

This visualization is to show you what you may see next according to the video category. It will stand on different viewpoints, and show you a simplified function of the recommendation system.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Critical Data & Visualization

Two Pieces of Evidence

A two part parafictional project to bring awareness to the ignored severe situation of online sexual abuse.

Xueping Wang


Two Pieces of Evidence is a two part project: guidebook and a perfume. The guidebook provides suggestions and guidance for people to form a closer intimate relationship with children and is shared in the perpetrator community. Based on the police and media release of online child sexual abuse case files and statistics about annual cases as well as online Pick-up Artists (PUA) training materials, the project brings awareness to the unnoticed severe situation of the online sexual abuse.

According to the UK National Crime Agency, “there could be a rise in online child sexual abuse offenses during the Covid-19 pandemic as it reveals its most recent intelligence shows there are at least 300,000 people in the UK who pose a sexual threat to children”. Similar rising tread has been perceived in other countries.

The parafictional artifacts create more authentic experiences of discomfort because the audience experience the fiction as a fact. Like Harvard professor and art historian Carrie Lambert-Beatty argued, parafiction is a very physical experience. “It is cognitive, but you feel it in the body”.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Make Believe

Grandma’s companion

An installations for my grandma to provide awareness of my well-being and daily activities through photographs and voice mail.

Jingyi Wen


While modern technology is making remote communication easier, senior people like my grandma still don't have many choices. Even learning how to use a smartphone is challenging enough for her and she still prefers to use a flip phone and she’s only doing phone calls with it. But phone calls are far from enough for our communication.

My thesis project aims to explore a more accessible way to strengthen the bonding and create better companionship for elder people like my grandma. The end goal is to create an easy-to-use product that can show my daily life visually and auditorily to my grandma.

IMA/ITP New York
Product Design,Accessible