Two Pieces of Evidence

A two part parafictional project to bring awareness to the ignored severe situation of online sexual abuse.

Xueping Wang


Two Pieces of Evidence is a two part project: guidebook and a perfume. The guidebook provides suggestions and guidance for people to form a closer intimate relationship with children and is shared in the perpetrator community. Based on the police and media release of online child sexual abuse case files and statistics about annual cases as well as online Pick-up Artists (PUA) training materials, the project brings awareness to the unnoticed severe situation of the online sexual abuse.

According to the UK National Crime Agency, “there could be a rise in online child sexual abuse offenses during the Covid-19 pandemic as it reveals its most recent intelligence shows there are at least 300,000 people in the UK who pose a sexual threat to children”. Similar rising tread has been perceived in other countries.

The parafictional artifacts create more authentic experiences of discomfort because the audience experience the fiction as a fact. Like Harvard professor and art historian Carrie Lambert-Beatty argued, parafiction is a very physical experience. “It is cognitive, but you feel it in the body”.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
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