This is Quite Edmund

This project let you control my body, which means it takes your image as input and generate a images of me with the same pose

Yunhao Ye


In this project, I use CycleGan, which is a powerful and useful machine learning algorithm to train my own model. It can generate images of myself based on the pose images (my name is Edmund so the project name is ‘This is Quite Edmund’). Those pose images are the result of a pre-trained machine learning model, which is called ‘DensePose’, it can return you an image showing poses of all the people in the input image.

During the training process, I took some videos of mine, and get frame images of those videos as the dataset of my own images. And then I upload those images to DensePose to get the results and store them as the dataset of pose images. After training for a long time, I eventually get a satisfactory model.

Finally, I wrap DensePose and my model up in a workspace, so I get another brand new model by combining them together. By using this model, you can send in your own images, and will get images of me with the same pose as you. You can image you are actually controlling my body.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Artificial Intelligence Arts
Machine Learning