Crazy Little Beliefs

Crazy Little Beliefs is a series of whimsical objects that reimagine through the lens of present-day technology some of our common if often irrational beliefs that have persisted through time. Interaction with these objects has been designed to allow users to reflect on their collective past experience and the influences that have shaped their fears and wishes, personalities and perspectives.

Shu-Ju Lin


When was the last time you wished on a fallen eyelash or said bless you to someone who sneezed? Many of our commonly held beliefs are widely known to be irrational, not based on reasoning, fact or knowledge. Over time and across cultures, people have found ways to explain unexplainable things and to feel control over their fears of the unknown through seemingly random and arbitrary sayings and actions. Studies have shown that this kind of magical thinking decreases as we age.

Crazy Little Belief aims to recreate the whimsical aspect of our irrational beliefs in the world today that is often automated, machine-operated, and algorithmically optimized. My thesis project consists of three objects, the Cautious, the Visionary, and the Charming, each emphasizing the state of mind of people who believe in it. The purpose of this project is not to critique or dismiss these irrational beliefs and behaviors, but rather to encourage them and remind us that many of our beliefs are part of our culture and identity.

IMA/ITP New York
Thesis Part 2: Production