Digital Shaman

An audiovisual performance that visualizes Korean exorcism ritual and shaman vision.

Jonghyun Jee


“Digital Shaman” is an audiovisual performance that is inspired by Korean exorcism ritual and shaman vision, powered by p5.js. My project is largely based on FFT, which constantly analyzes the frequency and amplitude of a sound track (bass, mid range, treble). Those parameters, mapped in certain ranges, give variations for the properties of objects (size, rotation, movement, etc.). The first chapter begins with thousands of tiny particles that move along the canvas like a burning incense, which is often used for rituals in East Asia. As the percussion comes in, geometrical patterns appear and respond for bass, mid, or high frequencies of the track. After both visual and audio components reach the climax, they gradually fade out and leave the incense particles only. I projected this sketch to the wall as stage lighting, and gave a dance performance. It visualizes as if the performer was possessed by the shadow behind.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Nature of Code