Fountain of Interaction

Fountain of Interaction aims to redefine public space by bringing human body as means to interact with the fountain

Radek Sabatka


Modern interactive devices conquered our personal lives. Every time we leave our house, we double-check whether we have our phones with us – everyone’s nightmare is no longer a spider in a bed but phones with no charge. Yet, modern technologies of the 21st century often pay no attention to public spaces (they look exactly like 100 years ago). While thinking about a public space and what could be done about it, I came across fountains as they belong to the dominant features any city or town. Although fountains changed in the past, namely through “live performances” with music, an individual’s input and thus the interactive experience is unfortunately still absent.

Fountains are often beautiful addition in public spaces, yet not a very engaging one as everyone usually loses interest after a short time. Therefore, I decided to bring our public squares to the 21st century by proposing an interactive fountain. Anyone who passes by can interact with this fountain by moving their hands. The water streams then respond adequately by changing the angle of water, or water pressure. This is the Fountain of Interaction.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Interaction Lab