Longchang Department

Old image of Shanghai

Yuxin Qi



My concept is about the story of old Shanghai. The inspiration of this project is from the documentary Manufactured Landscape where it portraits the image of modern Shanghai. So I want to show a very different image of Shanghai, which may have gradually been forgotten by people, an old, densely-populated, but full of warmth and tranquility. When we think about developments, we always it is a beneficial word, it represents advance, better quality and so on. But is it true that it is one hundred percent good? Will it also lose something valuable? For me personally, the answer is yes. The development of high buildings blocks the close relationships between neighbors; the fast-paced city life pushes us to always go on and never stop to enjoy the serenity. It is due to these reasons that I want to shoot the life in old Shanghai and also give myself a chance to be more familiar with it.

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