Lost in Dimension

A p5.js visual project utilizing WEBGL

Haoquan Wang



This is a visual project inspired by teamLab light show and movie Interstellar. Light, in my mind, always represents hope and life. In this special time, people cannot go out to see that fantastic art show. Some of the people even feel desperate and sad in quarantine life. Hence, I wish to use p5.js to bring this amazing light performance nto the digital world, bring hope and happiness to my audience. This project is supposed to be available in multiple media, like VR/AR, mobile devices, and PC. Currently, I mostly work on the laptop. Inspired by Interstellar, I combine light performance with 3d spaces, allowing users to explore 3d space and travel around in the multi-dimensional digital world. Besides light, I also add 3d spheres and 2d rotating triangle into space. By moving around, it will be interesting to feel the encounter of 2d graphs, 3d graphs, and space.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Nature of Code