The Life of Steve

A web-based, Minecraft-themed, interactive story.

Liyang Zhu


Minecraft is a very classic and popular sandbox game. It gives the player an extremely high degree of freedom. In the game, players can do anything and have a myriad of very different lives.

In this project, I produced a web-based interactive story and set the account in the context of Minecraft. To give users an immerse experience of Minecraft, the style of the web page is a parody of Minecraft, and all of the images are screenshots from Minecraft. Moreover, inheriting Mincraft's high degree of freedom, this interactive story allows players to make a variety of choices midway through the story and has more than one end, which means the story is not a fixed one! Furthermore, to make the experience more fun, I even added random factors, so that one specific choice may have different results.

The story told by this project can be seen as the story of a hero who becomes powerful step by step and eventually defeats a demon; it can also be seen as a typical development path for a player in Minecraft.

From a technical point of view, the project uses the concept of modules. While the page contains a lot of smooth transitions, all the animations are encapsulated and can be called up quickly. It allows me to add functionality and beautify the visuals while keeping the code neat.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab