The Lost Forest

A virtual soundscape that provides immersive spooky experience.

Yuchen Wang


In this project, I would like to create an imaginary space of a forest that sunk underneath a lake. The idea come from a game series called Rusty Lake. When I was playing that game, the horrifying feeling it brings generates great excitement to me. I aim to create such a forest so as to construct a spooky and horrifying space. This forest under the lake is set to be a place to empty one's mind and escape from reality. The purpose is to bring the users an immersive experience of mental stimulation, and also a of place for meditation and self-reflection, though in a bizarre way. In this project, multiple sound objects are applied, including some recorded sound, including some real forest and underwater sound. Besides artificial ones are also applied. The goal is to make this soundscape easily acceptable by the audience, while inspiring their imagination to think beyond the soundscape itself and come up with his or her on story that may happen behind it. To make the whole project more completed and more surprising, I added a loop when the users finish their first round. It makes the story much spookier, as if this is a haunted forest that one can never leave.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab