The Normalization Program

a parafictional business website that examines the misperceptions and the imposed social normalcy of the LGBTQ community

Zehua Wang


The Normalization Program is a business website that examines the misperceptions of the LGBTQ community and the social normalcy imposed on them.

The project collects found news, social media posts, and personal experiences and translates these narratives into supportive materials on the business website. In the first glimpse of the website, it gives an impression of a genuine business. The appearance of the website with the slogans, the up-to-date technology, the research, the profile of the professional team members, as well as the cooperation with real international organizations, all carries the legitimacy of the business.

However, upon further examination of the website and investigation of the subtle information, the audience might start making associations with misperceptions they’ve experienced or witnessed. With more absurdity introduced along with the experience, the project pushes the audience to question the authenticity of the website and reflect on how the LGBTQ community is suffering from misperception and struggling fitting into the social normalcy as a minority group.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Make Believe
Art,Social Good/Activism