A Flash in the Pan

Yiting Liu, Yue Hu

Grabbing the star and evoking magic effects.


The basic idea of the project is to evoke lives by grabbing the falling stars and dragging them to the particular positions. The lives are in both virtual and physical world in several forms. To clarify, in virtual world, when gamers grab a star and put it on the tree, the flowers will blossomed. Another, when gamers drag the star to the stone in virtual world, the stone in physical world will be evoked as well.

Through this project, we would like to show that life is short, like the flash in the pan, the meteor shot across the sky. However, life is also infinite and powerful since it could be transformed into various forms and last forever.

In the project, leap motion was used to detect the hand positions and gestures. Moreover, we used Processing to code the virtual effects and Arduino to build the connection within the virtual and physical world.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing