The ITP's Mind

Michelle Hessel

An interactive ITP brain sketch that will allow user to understand what moves/intrigues each of the 1st year student.


The “inQuery” is a project from ITP's Applications Class in which all the 1st year students must write a blog post about a topic that they are curious about. This is an opportunity in which we are invited to talk about anything that we feel passionated or indignant about. Throughout the semester I found myself very interested in what people were saying and because of that I made a javascript interactive screen visualization of this data. The sketch has the shape of a brain in which nodes move around. The idea is that user will be able to touch the brain nodes and discover each inquiry, its author's name and e-mail. User can also search for specific terms or names. My intention is for people to find interests in common, connect with each other and discuss more about it, whether the user is from ITP or not.


Applications, Introduction to Computational Media