Animated Annotations

Daniel Silber-Baker

A platform for animated annotations that produce interactive multi-media comprehension explorations and experiences.


My project aims to leverage emerging technologies to produce new forms of meaning and meaning making. By 'plugging in' text sources to the nebulous web of knowledge accessible through the massive production of multi-media and resources available online, we work to create an interactive and interconnected form of comprehension which reflects the dynamic and rhyzomatic structures of information and meaning in our world today.

The project leverages jquery for a flipping effect, allowing users to dive into each sentence in more and connected detail. Currently the types of interactions available are supplemental video, animated sequences produced through Adobe After Effects, interactive activities that connect to the reading; produced on Codepen, SVG animations using the Vivus.js library, and user text input boxes using jquery. In addittion to the card flipping animation, a secondary model of accessing additional information or interactions is through an accordion style drop-down also coded with jquery.


Introduction to Computational Media