Melanie Hoff

DOPPELCAM is a portal to a strangely familiar parallel universe. A machine for creating category shifts.


DOPPELCAM is a digital camera that only displays images ‘visually similar’ to those taken with it. It sends the source photo through an image-drop search engine and displays the top result.

Every two minutes, we take more pictures than the whole of humanity in the 1800s. Doppelcam operates within the photographic redundancy generated by this mass of photographic media.

Doppelcam refers back to previous iterations of photographic technology while subverting the art form’s intentions. It puts the mystery back into picture taking. Since the advent of digital cameras with preview screens, we’ve been able to see our photographs immediately after we take them.
No longer do you aim your lens and generally know what image you’ll get in return – it will be similar but not exact.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing