Clean-Up Drive

Anne Goodfriend, Nilomee Jesrani

Clean-Up Drive is a foot controlled, arcade style, video game experience that educates players about the harmful effects of Global Warming.


Clean-Up Drive is a video game that educates children about the harmful effects of littering the planet, and how this is affecting the Ozone layer. The game is a race against time to collect all the trash on the surface of the Earth, before the Ozone layer is destroyed.


We designed a balance-board style game controller. The player uses the controller by standing on it and shifting their weight in one of 8 directions.

We also designed a corresponding arcade style video game where the player wanders around a post–apocalyptic world collecting trash. As they collect each item they slowly heal a disintegrating ozone layer. If the player collects all of the trash, and heals the ozone layer, they win by saving the world.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing