Denny George

Dhish is a musical instrument that captures universal percussive gestures like<br />
snapping and clapping to create music.



I wish to create a novel electronic musical instrument that seems accessible and intuitive to audience.
I am using clapping as my focus for musical gesture.
I feel it is a universally understood gesture with musical connotations in Eastern Music (especially qawalli where its expected for performers AND audiences to clap to keep rhythm) and Western music where people often clap at concerts in rhythm.

There has been a history of using a glove like form for experimental electronic instrument but I feel never addressing the clapping capability of the hand is a missed opportunity. My project aims to explore that.

Eventually I wish to write and perform oral storytelling pieces with my instrument and also be able to give it as a MIDI instrument to other talented musicians to see where they go with it.

[Special Request] I am working on a comedy performance using this musical instrument. I would appreciate if I can get a small room for the ITP show. I remember there was a project by Kaini in Shawn's room last show. I wish to conduct 5 minute shows for 5,6 people one after the other all through the day. I feel it will really help me showcase my project and idea in the contex that I want.


Designing for Digital Fabrication, Homemade Hardware, New Interfaces for Musical Expression