Honk Box

Jesse Horwitz

Detects car horns and reacts – A "Your Speed Is…" sign for noise pollution.



Car horns can be incredibly loud and equally frivolous. At major intersections these short and seemingly ephemeral sounds can turn into a 24 hour cacophony. However, with modern sound insulation and the frustration of navigating a traffic bottleneck, individual drivers have little reason to concern themselves with their impact on surrounding neighborhoods. Local residents, on the other hand, may be very frustrated but lack any effective means of communicating this to drivers. Honk Box can be displayed in these areas to communicate with drivers on behalf of local residents. As honking increases Honk Box's face will sour and tally the number of honks so drivers can understand their collective impact on the soundscape. In addition, honk box can be adjusted for sensitivity and should run on most browser enabled devices. All classified honks are noted in a running data log that can be exported and referenced.


Introduction to Computational Media