Muqing Niu, Xuhui Xu

Two strangers compose music together to create implicit understanding.


The main purpose of the project is to create a scene where two strangers can play music together, without knowing the face and sound and tender of each other, building up some implicit understanding of these two people.
What inspire us is that nowadays most of the social network software are based on the tags, and it can't give us a distinct knowledge of this person, cause the tags may tell a lie. However when two people do something together, especially when they have no judgement upon each other, they can get a fair understanding of the other one, that could be a new way of social network.
So in our project we are building such a scene, composed of two separated space, using two computers communicating each other, using two kinects to encourage people exploring the depth, using two projector to create a emerged illusion. Two people step into the separated space and touch the cloth, the fire and ripple visual effect coming out, with the fluid of the visual effect on the screen they can hear the harmony music coming out from the black. Then they start to play the music, slower and faster, moving around or just stick in here, follow or escape, they can do what they want to do, meanwhile what they do is seen by the other person. So in the whole process, they play together and finally get the understanding of each other.
In a word, InBud is an engaging experience where two strangers make collaborative music generation by dabbling water and flame on the wall, and get implicit understanding in the progress.


Applications, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing