The Fort

Lindsey Johnson, Skylar A Jessen

A space to enable and capture human connection.


An interactive installation that provides a space for two people to slow down and have a locked in connection with one another. Two friends, strangers, family members, people in love are invited to crawl into a “fort” made of stretched spandex. As they sit down the space becomes filled with color coming from projectors located outside of the structure. Users are invited to have a conversation. Through small webcams and microphones within the space, which are monitoring the emotional expression on their faces and the frequency and amplitude of their voices, the colors and light shift around them based off of the type of connection they are having. The goal is to mimic the moment and feelings associated with having a very present connection, where outside noise around you seems to disappear, and capture the unseen parts of connection that we throw at one another.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing