Wave Stand

Koen Holtkamp

Can we convey a sense of space, movement, time or even effect a persons brain wave patterns purely through haptic stimulation?



Stemming from the question of what would happen if you took the music away and were just left with the vibration of sound : many of my recent projects have been focused on the physical sensation of inaudible sound vibrations to explore what sort of information can be conveyed purely through haptic stimulation. From putting field recordings in boxes to try and translate a sense of actual acoustic space or movement : to composing sine waves for a platform that the user stands on, these interactions are meant to be felt rather then heard.

'Wave Stand' is the latest iteration of this process. It consists of a simple wooden platform that the user stands on and feels a composition of pure sine waves below the range of human hearing coming up through their feet. Through the pieces seven minutes the tuning and density of the sine waves changes gradually over time in an attempt to dynamically but subtly shift a persons consciousness through various states such as meditative contemplation and anxiety


Cooking With Sound