Assistive Robot

Rubin Huang, Luke Kao

Embrace is an assistive robot for seniors and disabled to improve their life quality and safety using connected sensors, telecommunication technology and artificial intelligence.


One out of three older adults in the US falls each year. According to Journal of Physical Therapy, walker aids users linked to higher risk of falls. Embrace is our response to how might we improve the safety for seniors who is using walker aid? An assistive robot in the form of a walker aid.

• FALL PREVENTING: The sensors detect user's signal before falling and give live voice feedback. The Al system of Embrace learns the walking pattern of the user and teaches the user how to walk safer.

• FALL DETACTING: We used multiple ways to determine whether the user falls over. When it happens, the robot sends alert to families or emerging care nearby.

• LIFE-QUALITY IMPROVING: We also incorporated telecommunication technology to make the robot communicates with other household devices.


Developing Assistive Technologies