ViD3o Mashup

Rebecca Skurnik

A fun way to create your own abstract digital 3D art using physical controls<br />


I wanted to create a fun medium where people can create their own abstract digital video art in 3D.

How it works:
Structured as a retro old school arcade game, the first step is for players to select a set of their 3D abstract video from 4 different 3D sets that I created. The next step is for player to select an abstract background music for their 3D abstract video from 4 different songs that Lu Wang, my classmate composed and allowed me to borrow for this project. Once players have selected both the set and music of their piece, they can then manipulate (change and/or add) elements in their set. There are 6 different potentiometers that change 6 different elements in each video set. It’s up to players to play and figure out which potentiometers control which elements in their video, and create their own art accordingly.

For example, players can change the color of their set by turning one potentiometer, or add a bunch of 3D toilets to their video by turning another potentiometer.


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing