Into the Darkness

Heng Tang

Explore the darkness of the universe with a brave heart!



I play games a lot but I am so used to keyboards and joysticks. I was thinking how fun it would be if video games had more interactivity.

I watch movies a lot and I am a fan of Star Trek. Into the Darkness is one of my favorite sequel. So I decided to make a game with space elements and physical interactions.

I believe it would be best and intuitive for players to control a spaceship on the screen with a physical spaceship in the real world. In my project, players will explore the dangerous and mysterious space with their wit and mind. I used distance sensor to detect the altitude of the spaceship and map it into the three.js program.

Space is an eternal subject for humans so I believe my project would interest lots of people!

Thank you for your time and I would be really appreciated if my project is chosen.


Applications, Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing