Animal Talk – Chatnimal

Animal talk is an interactive web-based tool that uses text messages as an input to convert them into animal sounds and form, an encrypted audio.

Christina Lan, Dorian Janezic


Animal talk is a web-based application that was created for Connections Lab class in Fall term 2020 by Christina Lan & Dorian Janezic. Our collaboration started for a midterm project, where we had to use to create an interactive website for multiple users.

We both are very interested in sound, so we have decided to explore p5 sound library and created a pitch-matching game where users can try to click as close as possible to the Oscillator's frequency that was emitted. We were happy with the final output and the feedback so we decided to continue our collaboration for the final project. Our ideas shifted towards a performative interactive piece with multiple users which could use animal sounds to communicate, create their own encrypted language by mapping letters, words or phrases to specific sounds. Right now the project is at the stage where users can select the animal sound that will communicate their message to other users and when you receive a message you can hear the message in a converted, transformed or encrypted language. The sound is associated with an animation that plays when listening to the messages. The users can also preview or demo the animal sounds that they have selected by clicking on the canvas.

We want to further develop the project, and add new features that would form new interactions between users. One of the next steps is to upgrade UX and add an option for users to click on the text message and listen to the message and try to decode it or at least guess which animal did the sender choose.

Special thanks to Christina for collaboration, Craig and Mathura for making Connections Lab an unforgettable experience and all the residents and Ima Low Res Team.

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