Sound and Visual Bender

Bending sounds, color and form with our bodies.

Natalie Fajardo, Rebecca Melman


In Sound and Color Bender, we explore the relationship between the movements of our bodies, color, form and sound. This project is the beginning of what we would like to be a tool for performers to use to create music and visual art simultaneously. What is the connection of the gestures of an arm moving, to the frequency of a melody, to a visual pattern on a screen? While we are based on opposite sides of the country, Natalie and I worked together to create a glove that responds to the movement of the user’s hand. We used the micro controller’s built in accelerometer and gyroscope to measure the tilt and acceleration of the hand, which sent those values to audio and visual software. The project’s current state provides a meditative space, with stimulating visuals and an airy, atmospheric audio experience.

Intro to Phys. Comp.