A poetic interactive painting of rain that reflects the viewers through splendid colors

Bei Hu, Junoh Yu


“Soundrop” is a poetic interactive painting of rain that reflects the viewer through splendid colors. In this piece, we focused on ‘rain’ and ‘meditation’. So through conversation, we decided to write a poem about rain as a part of the process of making. We tried hard to create a relaxing and meditative visual-sound experience for the viewer. Through using PoseNet and Webcam, we can capture the viewer’s position and present the shape of the viewer with rain. When the viewer stands in front of the P5.js painting with rain falling from the top, the white raindrops turn into rainbow colors as soon as they pass through the viewer’s body outline. The changing color of rain will be updated according to the body movement of the viewer. The speed of the rain and the volume of the rain sound could be changed according to the position of the viewer's body. We want people to experience the rain in a new way as they are standing in the rain, and listening to our self-written poems. (Co-created by Junoh Yu and Bei Hu)