Creating highly interactive web applications with react

Time/Date: Jan 20, 11AM – 1PM

Room: Conf Room

Instructor: Barak and Dan


Some of the topics:

* Explain what react is, why it’s great to work with, and why it’s so in-demand as a skill

* Discuss the web before React and web application frameworks.

* Explain the React rendering engine and JSX format

* Talk about all the platforms that react supports (react-dom, react-native, react-three, svg, etc).

* Show what is possible with examples of prominent React projects.

* Go through what a React component is, and its lifecycle.

* Explain the difference between state and props.

* Get a view of the landscape of other frameworks that work with react, like redux, graphql, reselect, react-router.

* Talk about the react development environment, and tools, such as webpack, live reloading and react-dev-tools

* Help get a basic react app up from scratch using create-react-app.  

Workshop deliverables:

* Install and get create-react-app working

* Follow basic examples, extend and modify

* Create sub components and manage data flow

* Create an interesting interaction from a subcomponent

* Create reusable parameterized components


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