Rhino: 3D Modeling for 3D Printing w/ Pamela Liou

Date/Time: Wednesday Jan 20, 11am-2pm

Instructors: Pamela Liou

Description:  Learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling for additive manufacturing in Rhinoceros. By gaining an understanding of the affordances of various 3D printers, students can design for manufacturability by successfully preparing files for print. Students will also learn the Rhino interface, essential commands, and basic workflows for advanced surface modeling. Rhino downloaded on laptop and three button mouse

Prerequisites: Rhino downloaded on laptop and three button mouse

Music & Sound w/ Justin Peake

Date/Time: Tuesday Jan 19, 4-6pm

Instructors: Justin Peake

Description: “Let’s talk about sound and music. Let’s talk about what sound is, how we humans use it, and how you, yes YOU, can sculpt it into a musical experience. How do you record and mix music? What constitutes “”music””? It will be part fundamental, part inspiration and part practical techniques and applications. I will cover as much as I possibly can in 3 hours.

Rough outline:
Pt1 = basics of sound
Pt2 = basics of music theory & composition
Pt3 = basics of recording and production

p.s. – This could be an especially good primer for anyone who is taking Interactive Music next year.”

Prerequisites: None

Photoshop Essentials w/ Pat Shiu (on-demand video)

Date/Time: Tuesday Jan 19, 3-4pm On-demand video session

Instructors: Pat Shiu

Topics Covered:

• Difference between saving for web and for print — how get the best settings for each.
• How to batch process a large number of files in photoshop.
• Learn non-destructive editing in photoshop. Make non-linear edits and tweak settings for the best effects without overriding the starting image.
• Understanding the animated gif making capabilities of photoshop
We’ll start from the basics, no experience required.

This is an on-demand video session. Videos and github link below:

And here’s the github hosting the psd project files: https://github.com/patshiu/Photoshop-for-ITP

Prerequisites: None, just have Photoshop installed

Intro to Cinder w/ Craig & Kat

Date/Time: Tuesday Jan 19, 11am-2pm

Instructors: Craig Pickard, Kat Sullivan

Description: An introduction to Cinder, the very basics of C++, and setting up Xcode.

Prerequisites: Have Xcode installed, we’ll be covering Xcode and Mac only as Windows and Visual Studios require a license.

Documentation: https://github.com/Craigson/Intro_to_Cinder_0.9.0

Intro to Unity w/ Ziv & Julia

Time/Date: Thursday, Jan 21st 3-5pm

Instructors: Julia Irwin & Ziv Schneider

Description: Covers the basics of Unity including character controls particles, physics, scripting in C# or Javascript, 3D asset creation and importing, materials/shaders, an overview of different VR platforms and their integration with Unity. We will create and run a simple VR app.

Prerequisite: Install Unity 3D and a 3D modeling e (ie Rhino, C4D, Blender, etc…)

Puppets and Coding Workshop w/ Erin Finnegan

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 19, 6:30-9PM

Instructor: Erin Finnegan

Location: NYU Animation Area, take the North Elevators.


What would a computer programming variable look like a puppet?

Are you a puppeteer who wants to learn how to code, or a coder who would like to learn from pro-puppeteers?

January 19th, from 6:30-9pm, I’m running a free mini-workshop. I’m inviting programmers from NYU’s ITP program to teach puppeteers to code, and Michael Schupbach and Eric Wright from the Puppet Kitchen are teaching some programmers puppet skills. Read more here.

Prerequisites: Register here (free) 

Three.js: Basic Scene Building w/ Matthew Kaney

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 19, 4-6PM

Instructor: Matthew Kaney

Description: Learn everything you need to know to start using Three.js, a popular library for creating 3d Graphics in the browser.

We’ll go through a step-by-step process to create a 3d scene, along the way learning how to import or create 3d models, control and animate their position and orientation, change the way they look, and control a virtual camera.

Prerequisites: Basic programming experience, especially with Javascript or P5, along with your favorite text editor and web browser.

UX and UI design w/ Dalit Shalom

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 19, 3:00-4:00 PM

Instructor: Dalit Shalom

Description: What’s all the fuss about UX and UI, and why does it seem to appear on every interactive project description? In this session, we’ll cover the basics of what makes a good digital experience, both logically and aesthetically. Feel free to join no matter what your background is!

Prerequisites: None

Documentation: PDF

Intro to D3.js, Online Data Visualization w/ Eli Zhang

Time/Date: Thursday, Jan 21st 5-6pm

Instructor: Eli Zhang

Description: This workshop goes over the fundamentals of D3.js, specifically how to bind data to SVG elements, how to assign values to these elements in order to have different visual presentations, and how to add basic interactivity to the graph. An attendee will walk out with basic understandings of the library in order to go deeper into its complexity such as various handy layouts the library provides.


Prerequisite: Experience with HTML, CSS, required and some JavaScript experience highly recommended.