The Body Shop

Ariana Vassilopoulou

I am presenting a Vending Machine in which women can select through different body types and get their output.


For this project, I wanted to make a clear statement of what it is like to be a woman, and wanting to look a certain way, but also wanting to eat whatever you want. Instagram is a platform in which women are bombarded with non-stop photos of models and clothes, but also with food that is popular. Women scroll through instagram feeling like they want to look like the models online but also wanting to eat the food online. Therefore, my vending machine represents that emotion for women everywhere. The vending machine has 3 screens in it – one screen has a selection of breasts, the second screen has a selection of torsos, and the third screen has a selection of butts. Women can choose what body type they want, and then get an output. The output is a printed receipt of a comment and captions, which is taken from the pictures that are on the screens. It is a mix between what fitness models, blogger models, and those who have eating disorders say. The vending machine is trying to convey the message that women are constantly putting themselves on the internet in many forms, and is trying to show how women cope with body image.