VR Confinement Sketches

30-second VR narratives made from photogrammetry scans of personal spaces.

Celine Yu, Hank D Wu, Jessica Chon, Michael Naimark, Qianyi Chen, Tian Qin, Wenhan Dou, Yayuan Zheng, Yanru Zhu, Zexing Li



The 9 students were asked to reflect on their confinement environments and express their feelings about it. Though they knew the final project would be in VR, they began with conventional photography. They then learned photogrammetry with their smartphones (mostly using Metashape) and how to export to and compose in Unity, while also writing and recording 30-second personal voice-overs and background audio. They also added simple shapes, lighting, and “camera on rails” movement, then exported to stereo-panoramic video, which we titled and uploaded to YouTube as a 5-minute a 3D 360 video.

Special thanks to David Santiano, our Research Associate for Telepresence!

IMA/IMB Shanghai
VR I AR Fundamentals

Star Touched

Calming constellation visuals with music using p5.js.

Hsiao Jui Lin



This project is mainly an animated visual representation of constellations. Its goal is to provide easy information on what the constellation 'Leo' looks like while creating a relaxing, calming atmosphere for users. This project is not yet complete. The completed version would hopefully contain all 12 zodiac constellations, a separate song for each constellation and more animation for the stars. The animation's deeper meaning is to convey the philosophical thought that the entire universe is an unending cycle by making the animation itself a loop. As for the technical aspect, this project encompasses the key concepts of Nature of Code, including objects, force, oscillation and autonomous agents.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Nature of Code

Recreation of Kraftwerk

Using Electronic circuit to boldly recreate Kraftwerk's Das Model

Lichen Dong, Yinmiao Li



The project uses several circuits to make sound, and further make it into an interesting performance.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Working with electrons

Longchang Department

Old image of Shanghai

Yuxin Qi



My concept is about the story of old Shanghai. The inspiration of this project is from the documentary Manufactured Landscape where it portraits the image of modern Shanghai. So I want to show a very different image of Shanghai, which may have gradually been forgotten by people, an old, densely-populated, but full of warmth and tranquility. When we think about developments, we always it is a beneficial word, it represents advance, better quality and so on. But is it true that it is one hundred percent good? Will it also lose something valuable? For me personally, the answer is yes. The development of high buildings blocks the close relationships between neighbors; the fast-paced city life pushes us to always go on and never stop to enjoy the serenity. It is due to these reasons that I want to shoot the life in old Shanghai and also give myself a chance to be more familiar with it.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab


A speculative wearable design that integrates temperature-detection and real-time geolocation tracking systems.

Zeping Fei



CoronaHack is an augmented vision system that integrates a speculative cyberpunk wearable design and a real-time geolocation data system. It allows users to perceive a thermal imaging environment and extract temperature information from human subjects. When one’s temperature is detected as abnormal, CoronaHack will trigger warnings and log the person’s temperature and geolocation data to a cloud service. Data is visualized in real-time on a virtual map that is accessible from any device. The system has a decentralized and open architecture, so that it contributes to citizen science and data spaces designed for the greater good.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Extended Perception


Qube is a set of puzzle blocks and is friendly to play for visually impaired kids.

Xiaojie Gu



The blocks are consist of 7 different pieces made with 7 different material, including four kinds of fabric, metal, wood, plastic. Each of the blocks will be in a unique shape, thus easier for blind kids to feel, touch, recognize, and move. Also, the material will help them in building their blocks as well. The goal is to train the space perception of blind kids and to teach them to tell different materials.

However, during my design process, I decided to make Qube available for normal kids as well. I added braille on each block so that normal kids can learn and build more empathy with blind kids. To play with Qube, there should be at least two normal kids and two sets of blocks. One covers his/her eyes with the eye mask and create different figures with the blocks. The other, also wearing the mask, will try to mimic the shape with the help of material and braille.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Toy Design and Prototyping

Corner Pockets

It is a text adventure game and visitors need to find the clues and infer which one is the killer, otherwise they will be killed by the ghost.

Jiachen Zhou



The storyline is that 5 students are going to make a film and due to the long journey, they need to find someplace to stay up for the night. They finally find an abandoned theater and decide to check whether it’s safe and suitable for staying. While in this process, one of the main characters was found killed in his room. And a ghost suddenly appeared, announcing that if they don’t find the killer, all of them will be killed. The story is based on a Japanese animation called “氷菓ひょうか” and Christie Agatha's novel.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab

The trinity

An animation clip that tells a story about Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu

Yujia Liu



This clip shows the argument between Brahma and Vishnu on who is the mightier god. One is the Creator, the other is the Preserver. Finally, the strongest god, Shiva came and ended this heated argument.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Introduction to Animation


Personal exhibition website for digital heritage course

Ning Zhou



For the course Digital Heritage, we have explored multiples fields in terms of digital heritage. In the website, I'll showcase all of my work, including digital conservation techniques [case study on coin digital conservation], immersive experiences for digital heritage [the Qi Garden], remote sensing for heritage information [Wuzhen], as well as digital heritage exhibition design: re-production.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Digital Heritage

Tech + Culture

Using modern technologies to bring new charm to cultural heritages

Xinran Wang



This website contains the four projects I have made in Digital Heritage Spring 2020. The first one is the digital sculpture of Hongshan Jade Dragon (红山玉龙) made using Mudbox. The second one is a mobile phone Guidance Application of Guyi Garden (古猗园). The third one is a video of Guangfulin (广富林) filmed by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The fourth one is a virtual model of IMA Show exhibition site exhibiting the projects I have made in this course. Overall, these projects combine new technologies with cultural heritage, offering us new insights into heritage preservations and appreciations.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Digital Heritage