Treasure Tracking

Trace the trade path of Chinese lost cultural heritage

Ruixuan Li, Tianxu Zhou, Monni Qian


China has a long history of 5000 years, during which, there exists a huge amount of cultural treasures. However, due to wars, political and economic factors, as well as many other complex reasons, a lot of treasures were lost, many of which were divided into pieces and traveling around the world now. China has always been working on reuniting them and eventually bringing them back home. However, it definitely ain’t easy since the treasures were traded by many parties and the routes are hard to track over time. They might have traveled abroad in multiple places and landed in museums, auctions, galleries, or individuals’ hands. So, we are planning to create a map to trace the trade path of Chinese lost cultural heritage.

IMA/ITP New York
All Maps Lie


Embark on a collaborative decision making journey and experience the beauty of our brain with NEU

Jingyi Zhou, Tianxu Zhou, Ziyu Gao, Zhoujian Sheng


NEU is a mobile game aiming at publicizing the little-known stories behind our everyday decision making. Backed by NYU famous neuroscientist Paul Glimcher, we adopt a playful approach to unravel the secrets of how different brain parts work collaboratively to make optimal decisions. Users will be able to test the beta version of game while learning the neuroscience firsthand.

IMA/ITP New York
Playful Communication of Serious Research


Record the diary in a meditative way

Dan Qi Qian, Tianxu Zhou


It’s an AR voice diary where users could record their own diary and the recording will be translated into a simple drawing in the space, at the same time, users will get audio feedback which in the end will be turned into music composition.

IMA/ITP New York
Mobile Lab