Concerts under pandemic

To challenge the idea that: screen limits the powerful effect of a concert, I use multiple screens and mirrors to create a space which audience and walk into to experience the powerful sound and visuals from concerts under this pandemic background.

Jiayan Liu


This exhibition is called “concerts in pandemic”.

It aims to create a space where people experience the heart-shaking feelings of audio and visual that concerts provide. Based on interview responses from my friends, one biggest reason they go to concert is to “broke the screen” and feel it in person. However, I want to challenge this idea of “screen is a barrier”. I use several screens and mirrors to create a space where people can go in feel the strong visual, audio and emotion provided by screens. No matter with screens or not, concerts and music itself has great power especially in this pandemic period. I put my work in this historical background. In the pandemic period, we are not able to feel the concert in person. However, with a lot of online concerts going on, we still feel connected by music. Music has great power.

IMA/IMB Shanghai