Dream Experience

Dream is such a personal experience.

Chenle Li



The project intended to show a leaping dream process, and the visitors could design their dreams by clicking the “dreamer’s words” to get into their own special dreams. The project was inspired by The Interpretation of Dreams, written by Sigmund Freud, who groundbreaking showed that how elements appear in one’s dream could influence the dreaming process.

As different elements may have the special meaning referred to as a dream dictionary, different words would create special atmospheres for the visitors. By arranging the order of the words, the visitors could enter a “dream” designed by oneself and be encouraged to use the concept “montage”, to help them leaping from one word to another. Every word was connected to a video or audio and was reorganized by the visitors when they click on them.

To make the project more immersive, the VR technique was required in the future for further development.

IMA/IMB Shanghai