Another sound visualizer inspired from glowing ring.

Zhuochen Yuan



This is a new sound visualizer made for final project, the main idea is to create a hollow ring rotating in the center. Everything can be absorbed into a small part, but can be expanded into lots of particles as well, everything are in an eternal cycle, from 0 to 1 and from 1 back to 0. The main technique used for this project is flowfield, setting flows in the canvas to control the direction of all the particles. And for synchronization between music and animation is realized by using p5.sound.js,this library is for analyzing music input and returning various parameters. I made a simple beat detection based on volume, every time the beat is detected will let the particles expand/absorb based on different mode, also the volume of the beat will affect the speed of the expansion/absorption. The blocks on the background are for better visuals, the height is controlled by the volume of different frequencies and the color is controlled by the energy of different ranges of frequencies from bass to treble,

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Nature of Code