Interactive Senior Year

COVID-19 destroyed all chances of my sister having a normal senior year filled with traditions.

Sarah Armstrong


The subject I chose to portray is my sister’s second semester of senior year with a twist. As of now, she is stuck inside unable to participate in the traditions that come with senior year of high school coming to an end. American high schools have senior (last year) traditions that begin the second semester of senior year because only the first half of the year grades will be sent to colleges when they are looking to accept you. Therefore, as long as you do not fail out of high school, these second-semester grades do not count against you. The traditions my sister will be missing out on include, but are not limited to her senior prank, senior skip day, college shirt day, senior banquet, prom, and looking to be graduation. I also think this is a unique subject because this will be a way to honor my sister who is really disappointed she will not be able to do these things.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Communications Lab