Meteorite Landings

Stories behind the meteorite landings through out history

Chenlan Yao


Meteorites are often considered to be mysterious. It takes thousands of years for a meteorite to travel through the space that we do not know much about and come to Earth.

We believe that a meteorite can bring us luck; we consider a meteorite as an omen. But the truth is that we are more likely to become Ann Hodges when encountering a meteorite, being so anxious because of getting a meteorite remain and becoming too famous due to the space rock. The additional meanings of a meteorite have added an emotional burden to us.

This kind of emotional burden caused by meteorites is now being used as a commercial opportunity by some shops. They labeled a rock as a meteorite remain and sell it at a high price, advertising by claiming that the rock can have special power and provide luck and happiness.

At the beginning of this project, I showed the objective process for a meteorite to come into being. Scientifically speaking, there is no evidence that meteorites possess any superhuman powers. I hope that you can know more about the actual formation of a meteorite, be aware of the commercial frauds that might take advantage of your misunderstanding, and appreciate more about the splendid natural phenomenon. They come from billions of years ago; they are the witnesses of the history of the universe.

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