A series of electronic music composition centers on a numerological idea of the number 3.

Tong Wu


Trinity is an electronic music composition that I composed for my capstone project. The idea of this project initially comes from the number “three”. “Three”is a very crucial idea in the world of numerology. Besides, it has so many derivatives that have been commonly used in our daily life. The term “trinity” itself is derived from the number three, and it has a fundamental influence in the world of religions, especially the Catholic church. The term Trinity has long influenced the world and it has also appeared in some popular culture phenomenon regrading religious studies. For example, Trinity is a major female character in the Matrix franchise. Speaking of that franchise, it is seemingly to tell the story of the Bible in a brand-new way with characters that has biblical or theological references, such as Neo, Morpheus, etc. The term three is also very common in other forms of art, such as theatre, where three-act is a common form to write a play with. It also exists in the realm of other performance arts, such as magic/illusion, where the most ubiquitous way of performing a magic trick consists of three parts, i.e., firstly, revelation, which is the part you show something, secondly, vanishing, which is the part you let something disappear, and thirdly, the prestige, where the vanished object reappear in the most astonishing way. So, in response to these interesting phenomena, I composed three different compositions based on the same theme. I’m trying to put the limit of one theme and show the different moods that the variations of one theme can produce.

IMA/IMB Shanghai
Capstone Studio (Shanghai)