ITP Camp 2021

Dive into the Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Session Leaders: tigoe

Tags: #electronics #Arduino #physical computing #networks #WiFi #Bluetooth

Created By: tigoe

We've been using the Arduino Nano 33 IoT heavily at ITP the last few years and it's enabled some useful additions to the physical computing and networking toolkits. It's my main tool for personal projects as well. In this session I'll review the board's useful features and talk about what it's been like to teach with, both with absolute beginners and with advanced students.

If there's time and questions, I'm also happy to talk about buying parts for physical computing during a pandemic. We gathered some resources this past year or so that might be useful even when things are less difficult.

To get the most out of this session, it's helpful if you've used an Arduino before. If you haven't, or even if you have, the labs, topics, and videos from the ITP Intro to Physical Computing course will give you an overview, both of Arduino and of the Nano 33 IoT. For a quick intro that will make this session more useful to you, check out the following beforehand:

A few links post-session: Useful links: